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Bluetooth Dimming New LED Driver,to arrange intelligent lighting ecology positively

Release time:2021-12-22

As we all know internet of everything is popular at present,intelligent lighting is manifestation of upgrading consume.The new generation of consumer have greater lighting request in the life.It has been changed from simply getting brightness to adjust the different brightness to create all kind of atmosphere as difference of use case.

Meeting a good opportunity,Eaglerise greatly push out lighting system of Bluetooth intelligence to be compatible with Tuya ecology equipment completely.

It mainly apply to intelligent LED,furniture and low-load power consumption of sensor,let our cooperators develop with stability and speediness to build the new program of its own intelligent furniture lighting.


1、Adjust brightness to protect your eye without feeling

2、It is easy to control the intelligent lighting when inset the newest Bluetooth component of Tuya.

3、You can realize voice controlling by connect TMALL Elf,Minor speech,Allie and other voicing service.

4、It owns SCP、OLP、OVP、OTP functions to let you use safely.

Bluetooth Dimming Driver Of Tuya Series

FLS-12-350 BLUE LA-TY          (87*40*22.5mm)Length is 121mm with end caps

FLS-30-700 BLUE LA-TY / FLS-42-1050 BLUE LA-TY    ( 97*43*30mm)Length is 121mm with end caps

FLS-34-850 Blue-CCT LA-TY     115*43*30mm(include length of end caps about 149mm)

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