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Eaglerise presents at the 25th Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Exhibition

Release time:2023-11-10

The 25th Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair was held in grand opening on 27th Oct. 2023.As a world-renowned trade platform for lighting and lighting products, the Hong Kong exhibition presented a series of innovative and cutting-edge lighting products and solutions, attracting many lighting professionals to visit.

Eaglerise Consumer Electronic BU general manager Rayan Leading a sales team to the exhibition. The scene was crowded with people, and customers came to consult one after another

Eaglerise presented a variety of new products at the exhibition, including new digital DALI dimming  power supplies, DALI+0-10V dual-purpose dimming power supplies, and circular Triac drivers. A demonstration area was also set up, where the top lights could be adjusted through the driver, giving viewers a real-time smooth dimming experience

This fair will last for 4 days (October 27-30). We sincerely invite our new and old customers to visit booth 1A-E14.

Let's light up new business opportunities together!

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